The Janus Restraint is a multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic portrait of adolescence and identity seen through myth and initiation with the landscape. Using the Roman deity of passageways as a guidepost, and loosely referencing Stan Brakhage’s midcentury experimental film epic Dog Star Man, this project explores similar themes of micro and macro views of the life cycle and human relationship to the landscape. It is an exploration of creating environmental frameworks of identity and the notion of both geological and biological time, often seen through the character of the artist’s own adolescent son.

A variety of forms and images are utilized, from abstract video and cinematic shorts to audio sculpture and photographic portraits. The experience of the works, when brought together in an installation environment, creates a quasi-narrative structure with symbols freely flowing throughout disparate elements as connective tissue. From Icelandic and Native American mythic stories and landscapes to images of Americana such as baseball music, certain symbolic signposts flow throughout the works creating a cohesive, multi-dimensional experience that belies the seemingly disparate elements running throughout the modular system of works.

This portfolio contains documentation footage from some of the installations as well as a few representative works. For more information, go to the main project site.