benefit print for KVC

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I recently finished a new print to benefit KVC Behavioral HeathCare. The print was sold in KVC's annual Holiday Tree Gala at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art last Saturday night. I originally intended this to be a one-off print, but I may now make a small edition of it.

Picnic on Art Island

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Picnic on Art Island, the monthly event organized by Cara and Cabezas Contemporary, was held at my studio last night. We a nice crowd, a fun discussion led by Cara Megan Lewis, and a great meal by Kristen Montgomery.

new audio work debuts

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My newest piece, an audio wall scuplture titled Somnambulance (1), debuted this past Friday at the Review Studios annual residents' exhibition in the studio gallery. It changed quite a bit from the first version that was being installed (posted here earlier in the week). The piece consists of 6 speakers mounted on the walls in a corner of the gallery with the speaker wires creating a sort of drawing as they are pulled over the top edge of the walls. A subwoofer is hidden behind the walls. The audio is a Dolby 5.1 track which allows the sounds to move throughout the speaker configuration. The audio is composed of 30 layers of sound appropriated from obscure mid-century soundtracks and spoken word.

review for Promethea

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The performance of Promethea last week at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival was just reviewed by Lee Hartman for

installation of new work

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blog_Review_install_Nov09.jpgI began installing my new speaker piece, Somnambulance (1), at Review Studios yesterday. The piece will be part of the annual studio residents group exhibition, which opens this coming Friday 6-9pm.

Promethea performance

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Promethea, my collaboration with composer Christopher Biggs, was performed last Thursday night at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City, KS. Elizabeth Bunt was in from Arizona to perform the saxophone part. Video clips of the performance, as well as the actual video, can be viewed on Vimeo.

artist of the day

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blog_EctoplasmicResponse_LW.jpgI'm the Artist of the Day today on The listing features an installation shot of the recent Ectoplasmic Response piece (on the left) as well as a video clip from Op Eyes.

change to print edition

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We decided to change the image for the print edition that will be accompanying the upcoming Picnic on Art Island event. The edition will now feature an image from my 2009 video animation Lawn Ornaments. We decided to make the change because the original image had been exhibited as a print once before at Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas and we thought having a previously unseen print would be better.

limited edition print

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The print has been chosen for the limited edition to accompany next month's Picnic on Art Island event at my studio. The print image is from my 2007 video animation Treebeasties (1) and will be available in an edition of 50 through Cara and Cabezas Contemporary. Tickets and prints can be purchased online. The print is available with a ticket to the event for $175 (event only is $35).

Glow benefit at the Nerman Museum

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Beyond Bounds: GLOW, this year's benefit exhibition and auction for the Nerman Museum of Contemporary of Art, was held at the museum last Saturday night. I wasn't able to attend but heard it was a great exhibition and event. I donated a print based on a video still from my recent Ectoplasmic Response video installation. I haven't heard yet whether or not it sold in the auction.

Art Picnic coming soon

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Cara Megan Lewis, of Cara and Cabezas Contemporary, came by the studio yesterday to taken some promo photos for next month's Picnic on Art Island. I'll be the next featured artist for this monthly series of dinner discussions held at artists studios around KC. In addition to a meal held for about 20 patrons, a special print edition is made for each event.  We're still working out the details of the image to be chosen, but it will most likely be a unique image based upon one of my recent video animations. The dinner details will be announced soon as well.

Visual Devotion 2

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Visual Devotion, my collaborative performance project with KC-based band Thee Devotion (featuring local artists Davin Watne and Michael Schonhoff), is happening again. We're set for a one-night gig outdoors (weather-permitting) at The Mercy Seat in KC on November 6.

Promethea collaboration

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I recently completed a new video in collaboration with KC-based composer Christopher Biggs. The 7 min+ video was created as a component of a performance with recorded music and live saxophone. The piece debuted last week at the Channel Noise Concert at Georgia Southern University with Alex Sellers performing on saxophone. It will be performed by Alex once more at GSU on October 18, then by Elizabeth Blunt at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City, KS on November 5.

The video with the recorded music, but minus the saxophone, can be viewed on Vimeo.

Intermissions catalog released today

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The catalog for the Intermissions project was delivered by the printers this morning and it's beautiful. Published as Contact Sheet 153, the book is part of Light Work's ongoing series of quarterly journals.

The 48-page book features essays by Peter Frank (curator of the Riverside Museum in Riverside, CA) and Emily Vey Duke (video artist and Syracuse University professor), as well as documentation of all of the sites featured in the Intermissions project.

Copies can be obtained through Light Work's website.

radio ads on Syracuse NPR station

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Syracuse's NPR affiliate, WRVO 89.9 FM, will be running radio spots throughout the day today and tomorrow promoting my lecture and reception at Light Work tomorrow night.

article in Syracuse Post-Standard

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A second article on me and the Intermissions project came out in today's Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper. The article was written by Melinda Johnson from an interview she conducted with me back in July.

There and Back Again reception

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blog_DFS-reception.jpgWe had the reception for the Art Through Architecture commission, There and Back Again, yesterday evening at the offices of the National Center for Drug Free Sport in Kansas City.

A good crowd of architects, artists, critics, and patrons showed up to view the piece and to hear a brief talk about the project by myself, Kate Hackman (Charlotte Street Fund), Josh Shelton (el dorado architects), and Frank Uryasz (Drug Free Sport).

A great spread of local cheese was provided by Tony Glamcevski and his Green Dirt Farm.

more windows at SU

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Two more vinyl window coverings were installed at Syracuse University, in the Syracuse Symposium offices. The images are from videos Lawn Ornaments and Memory Bleed, both created this year.

new venue in Syracuse

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One the more recent venues to become involved in the Intermissions project, Point of Contact Gallery, is now showing my Kings, Thieves video on a large LCD monitor in their window 24/7 for the duration of the project.

new Suspension print

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I've been working on a new series of photographs, the first of which (Suspension 09.1) was just put on display in the back room salon at Byron Cohen Gallery in KC. The print measures 35" wide x 12" high. There are four more in the series which will hopefully be completed in the next month or so.

windows at Syracuse University

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The vinyl window coverings in the Panasci Lounge at Syracuse University were installed earlier today. The image is from my Soft Velvet Float video animation. The window coverings, part of the larger Intermissions project, will remain in place for the entire Fall semester.

Urban Suburban opening

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The Urban Suburban opening reception/auction preview was this afternoon at Epsten Gallery. There was a nice crowd and nice group of artists in the auction exhibition. The catalogs are coming out next week and the auction is going to be held on October 17.

My piece, Always Becoming Something (4.8), is the small black horizontal image on the right side of the photo.

new print for benefit auction

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One of the prints from my new photo series, Always Becoming Something (4), will be in the upcoming Urban Suburban benefit auction for the Kansas City Jewish Museum. The print measures 30"x9" and features my former intern Claire Condon backed by an image from the Hubble Telescope.

The opening reception for the exhibition is this Sunday afternoon, with the actual auction happening on October 17.

gallery talk at Everson Museum

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Light Work director Hannah Frieser and I gave a short gallery talk at the Everson Museum of Art yesterday evening in conjunction with Intermissions and my Pigeon exhibition at the museum.

testing window vinyl at SU

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We did the final material tests for the vinyl window coverings at SU's Schine Student Center. The final panels will be mounted early next week and be on view as part of Intermissions.

gallery tour at Light Work

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I gave a quick tour of Ectoplasmic Response at Light Work this morning for Prof. Greg Lambert and other administrators from Syracuse Symposium. I'll be giving a lecture at SU in September in conjunction with the Symposium's 2009 theme of Light.

Syracuse map

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The map for the various venues of the Intermissions project in Syracuse was just printed and it looks great. The reverse side is a poster of my video Soft Velvet Float.

first billboards in Syracuse

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During the run of Intermissions in Syracuse, Light Work will be presenting 10-12 billboards around the city center in Syracuse. This one, showing Pigeon and situated downtown near the Everson Museum, is one of the first up.

Suspension exhibit open

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Suspension, my exhibition of photographs, opened at Syracuse University's Menschel Gallery as part of the Intermissions project. The photographs, all 12"x12" pigment prints mounted in 22" round frames, are images of clouds taken between 2000-06 from commercial flights. Although a few have been sold to corporate clients in Kansas City, this is only the second time they have ever been shown as a group.

Visual Devotion

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I finally got some photos from Visual Devotion, held last month at Review Studios. The event was two evenings worth of music by KC-based funk bank Thee Devotion with cut up grindhouse videos by me. I was in Syracuse when it happened so I'm sorry I missed it. We're discussing doing another similar event sometime this fall so stay tuned.

Photos courtesy of studestevo